Emergency Loans Canada

Emergency Loans Canada

People are often placed into unexpected situations where they have difficulty making payments for bills or expenses. It could be a fee which is due to be paid before your paycheck arrives or a nominal outgoing such as a maintenance fee, a vehicle repair, or a minor personal issue.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, then, emergency loans in Canada, offered by Deposit My Cash Now, provide short-term financial support for such problems.

What are the Different Emergency Loan Options?

We have multiple emergency loan options such as cash advances, bad credit loans, short-term loans, no credit check loans, and payday loans, each catering to a different type of person and situation. Emergency loans in Canada also come with various criteria for qualification.

All loan options range from $300 to $3,000.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit plagues many Canadians who are looking for emergency loans in Canada. Credit ratings determine a financial institution’s appetite and risk of doing business with you. Bad credit scores impact your access to many different types of loan options.

Emergency loans for bad credit are meant for people with lower credit ratings. These loans function similarly to any other sort of emergency loan, with little distinction in repayment terms. Bad credit loans through Deposit My Cash Now have no impact on your credit score because credit agencies are not contacted about bad credit loan applications.

No Credit Check Loans

It is easy to get an emergency loan without a credit check. This form of finance does not take your credit score into account. No credit checks do not impact your credit score, even if your payment is late.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are one of the most popular emergency loans within Canada. Like the other loans listed, this loan works on a short-term basis. Recipients of payday loans will obtain a quick advance, typically within an hour of application approval. This cash advance is then due for repayment at the time of your next paycheck.

Cash Advances

We also offer emergency cash advances online. Our cash advances are highly accessible and are the fastest option to obtain money. You can both receive and use a cash advance within the same day.

Short-term Loans

Like other emergency cash lenders, we also offer short-term loans. Short-term loans are best used as a temporary solution to pay a quick bill on time to avoid penalties, a reduction in your credit score or to deal with a cash flow problem.

What Criteria Do I Need to Meet to Receive an Emergency Loan?

Our brokers are always actively reviewing loan applications, assessing applicants based on three major factors:

  1. The amount of your monthly income
  2. The number of unpaid payments on your bank statements
  3. Will a fair amount of your pay be able to be used to pay back the loan within an appropriate repayment period?

There also are a few general financial requirements you have to meet for qualification:

  • Your checking account has been open for over three months
  • You have worked full-time for over three months
  • You can be paid by direct deposit
  • You aren’t currently bankrupt, within a consumer proposal situation, or subject to wage garnishment

As long as these factors are met, you will be able to receive emergency loans Canada from Deposit My Cash Now.

When Should I Take Out an Emergency Loan?

People are often faced with unique, unforeseen situations driving them to take out an emergency loan to assist them through their short-term financial troubles. Emergency loans in Canada are never meant for more extended term payments and should not be used to pay off a long-term payment. Emergency loans should always be the last case scenario after you have run out of other options.

It is advised only to take out one short-term loan at a time, no matter who you are receiving the loan from. Therefore, Deposit My Cash Now only allows for a single, active, short-term loan. This ensures both our financial security and yours as well. There can be significant financial consequences if you have multiple short-term loans that you cannot repay.

What if I Miss a Payment?

Our ideology behind offering emergency loans in Canada is built on Canadian hospitality and equity. Should you find yourself unable to make a repayment, we will actively try to plan out a new loan payment schedule with you based on your income.

You can also delay certain loan payments if you call us 48 hours in advance of your scheduled payment falling due. Any missed payment will be subject to a $40 fee which will be added to your loan. Your credit score will not be impacted if you miss a loan payment.

Apply Now for Emergency Loans in Canada!

Emergency loans in Canada are beneficial if you have an immediate expense and have weighed up all other options. Medical expenses, car payments and small debts are all frequent uses for emergency loans in Canada.

Make sure all of your application information is accurate and that you choose the right loan option to fit in with your income and expenses.

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